Indoor Plenum Rated Tube Cables

These single and multi-tube cables are used for creating indoor tube cable infrastructures. They are listed for plenum spaces. They are ideal for intrabuilding transitions which require plenum listed products.

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Min. Bend Radius – During Installation20 x Cable OD
9 in (229 mm) [TC01TPX Only]
Min. Bend Radius – After Installation10 x Cable OD
9 in (229 mm) [TC01TPX Only]
Inner Tube ID0.22 in (5.5 mm)
Inner Tube OD0.31 in (8.0 mm)
Standard Reel Length1,000 ft (308.8 m)
Operation Temperature Range+32 to +158°F (0 to +70°C)
TestingNFPA 262; cUL FT6; CSA FT6 Listed

Ordering Information

Standard Tube Cables

Part NumberTube QtyNominal Cable ODNominal WeightMax. Tensile Load
TC01TPX10.32 in (8.1 mm)27.0 lb/kft (40.2 kg/km)120 lb (534 N)
TC02TP220.81 in (20.6 mm)140.0 lb/kft (208.3 kg/km)120 lb (534 N)
TC04TP241.00 in (25.4 mm)210.0 lb/kft (312.5 kg/km)200 lb (890 N)
TC07TP271.40 in (35.6 mm)310.0 lb/kft (461.3 kg/km)400 lb (1,780 N)
TC12TP2121.49 in (37.8 mm)480.0 lb/kft (714.3 kg/km)500 lb (2,225 N)
TC19TP2191.77 in (45.0 mm)574.0 lb/kft (854.2 kg/km)500 lb (2,225 N)
UL/CUL/CSA NFPA 262 Plenum OFNP Rated Tube Cable/Single Jacket

Interlocking Armored Tube Cables

Part NumberTube Qty.Nominal Cable ODNominal WeightMax. Tensile Load
TC02TP2-121.31 in (33.3 mm)559.0 lb/kft (831.9 kg/km)500 lb (2,225 N)
TC04TP2-141.31 in (33.3 mm)608.0 lb/kft (904.8 kg/km)500 lb (2,225 N)
TC07TP2-171.50 in (38.1 mm)887.0 lb/kft (1,320.0 kg/km)600 lb (2,670 N)
TC12TP2-1121.69 in (42.9 mm)1,100.0 lb/kft (1,636.9 kg/km)600 lb (2,670 N)
TC19TP2-1192.15 in (54.6 mm)1,696.0 lb/kft (2,523.8 kg/km)600 lb (2,670 N)
Interlocked Glavanized Steel Armored (No Armor Over Jacket)


  • Low-Smoke, Flame-Resistant Jacket Materials
  • Cable Length Markings at 2 Foot Intervals
  • Tube ID Numbers Marked at 2 Inch Intervals
  • NFPA 262 / CUL FT6 / CSA Listed
  • Meets ICEA, TIA and UL Standards