Outdoor NEMA 4X-Rated Tube Distribution Units

Featuring a scalable and flexible design, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Outdoor NEMA 4X-Rated Tube Distribution Units are lightweight wall, pole, trestle, or structure mounted enclosures with additional external top and bottom mounting flanges. These enclosures are used at tube cable transitions or branching points and tubes are joined together using push-fit connectors. The result is a pathway capable of housing and protecting FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® bundles designed and installed to support today’s critical, robust, and scalable high-speed networks. In addition, enclosures with a NEMA 4X-rating prevent damage from harsh outdoor elements. This is product is not for flooded environments.

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Physical Characteristics

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Ordering Information

DE24XPPUNEMA-4Xaluminum84 Tubes21 lb (9.6 kg)24 x 24 x 8 in
(610 x 610 x 204 mm)
DE36XPPUNEMA-4Xaluminum168 Tubes35 lb (15.9 kg)36 x 30 x 8 in
(915 x 762 x 204 mm)
DE36XPPUSTNEMA 4Xsteel168 Tubes60 lb (27.7 kg)36 x 30 x 8 in
(915 x 762 x 204 mm)


DEXPPUSTKEYcylinder padlock kit to replace slotted latch for DE36XPPUST
DE24XPPUPPerforated Back Panel Kit for DE24XPPU
DE36XPPUPPerforated Back Panel Kit for DE36XPPU


  • protective aluminum or steel frame
  • rated NEMA 4X
  • hinged door secured with multiple-slotted latch
  • additional padlock kit to replace slotted latch ((DE36XPPUST only)
  • removal door
  • perforated back panel kits for additional tube management