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Let us find the solution that uniquely fits you. 

Whether you rent to one customer or thousands, SEL understands that your data center requires the ability to host and store the ever-growing data demands of your tenants. You also need to securely connect them to service providers at a minimal cost. Our data center experts will assist you in creating or expanding a scalable and modular infrastructure that can be deployed quickly to maintain your service-level agreements.

To manage the complexity of day-to-day operations, you need a supplier focused on more than providing products – you need a supplier committed to solving problems in a timeframe that meets yours.

Sumitomo Electric has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to develop Ultra- High-Density Network Solutions: next-generation thinking solutions and products that focus on security, scalability, and the continuity of your infrastructure.

One Solution: A Multitenant Use Case

A Data Center Manager for an established financial services hosting provider, is interested in deploying 3x 1,728 armored ribbon cables today with an option to bring in more fibers as customers come in. Most importantly, he needs to maintain the location’s customer SLA’s in tact keeping a close eye on “latency” neutrality among its tenants; exact length will be a must.

One Solution’s Product Set: Key Components


Freeform Ribbon® Conventional OSP Slotted Core Cables

  • Up to 1,728-f
  • All-dielectic design (no grounding)
  • 12–f, splice ready ribbon groupings
  • Patented Pliable FreeForm Ribbon® Fiber

TN 5,184 Optical Closure

  • Fiber Capacity of 5,184-f (24 Trays)
  • Durability & Environmental Rating of IP68


Freeform Ribbon® Central Tube Cables

  • Up to 1728-f
  • Available as I/O, Indoor, Riser, LSHF Riser, Plenum, (and Armored)
  • 12–f, splice ready ribbon groupings
  • Patented Pliable FreeForm Ribbon® Fiber

Cable Assemblies

  • Available in “exact-length” configurations
  • Variations include I/O, Indoor, Armored, Riser, Plenum, LSZH, and No Jacket
  • Available in Simplex, Duplex, Interconnect, and trunk configurations

Vertical Hyperscale eXchange (3K-V-HSX)

  • Fiber Capacity of 3456f (8 x 432f Trays)
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Compact Size

PrecisionFlex® Empty Patch Panels

  • 1RU, 2RU, 3RU, 4RU
  • LGX & HD Options

PrecisionFlex® LGX Splice Cassettes: Exact-Length

  • Up to 3 MPO/MTP input ports and 24 LC Duplex outputs
  • Available in a range of configurations
  • Factory assembled and tested

PrecisionFlex® FOX Splice Cassettes

  • LGX footprint splice cassette 24 LC Duplex outputs
  • Removable mounting flanges/ears (for front or back installation)
  • Factory assembled and tested

Industry-Leading Splicers

When it comes to optical fiber fusion splicers, no other company in the world can match Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) for innovation, speed, and performance. The entire industry-leading range of splicers offers quick termination and new standards in heater shrink time. SEL strives for even better standards each day. For example, our patented dual independent ovens provide unprecedented speeds and improve splicing efficiency by 80%.

Innovative Network Tools

World’s first AI-splicing technology - reduces time spent working and overall loss while splicing.

Sumitomo Electric’s cloud-enabled data & asset management, firmware updates, and maintenance support for splicers.

SEL’s cloud-enabled network infrastructure management tool for the administration and management of buildings and assets.