Cable Assemblies

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s 4th Level® cable assemblies are designed for use in any application requiring optical connections. Available in simplex, duplex, interconnect and trunk configurations, these assemblies can contain up to 864 optical fibers.

  • 1-864 preterminated cable assemblies are available
  • Can be Designed with the Following Fiber Types: SM, Bend Insensitive SM; 62.5µm MM;50µm (OM2) and 50µm Laser Optimized (OM3/OM4),
  • 12F/8F MPO Ribbon Assemblies available that Facilitate Quick & Easy Termination of Ribbon Fibers for 1G/10G/40G/100G Solutions
  • Customizable Termination and Cable Options Available
  • Available with Sumitomo’s Flexible MPO connector, which allows gender and polarity change in the field as well as push pull operations.
  • Riser, plenum and LSZH options available
  • All industry standard Connector Configurations can be specified
    (See Ordering Information Table Below)
  • 100% Visual/optical performance verification
  • Meets or exceeds TIA and Telcordia requirements


  • Data Centers
  • High Density Distribution Panels
  • Direct Connection to Equipment
  • Connection Between Patch Panels
  • Restricted Space Installations
  • Central Office Cross Connects

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