Cable Payoff Tool

The Cable Payoff Tool aids in the installation of multiple connectorized cables into a horizontal cable tray.

The arm mechanism can be easily adjusted to fit different cable assembly coil sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With its easy adjustment mechanism, you can securely install multiple cable assemblies into a horizontal cable tray without the risk of tangling or knotting.

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Turn Table Tray Dimensions20” X 11.8” X 6.3”
Minimum ID of Coiled Cable8”
Maximum ID of Coiled Cable11.8”
Maximum O.D. of Coiled Cable20”
Maximum Height of Coiled Cable6.3″
*The coiled cable length cannot exceed the turn table tray dimensions.
15.6(93) 306
14.0(115) 379
13.3(128) 420
11.6(168) 553
11.3(177) 582
10.3(213) 700
8.8(292) 960
6.9(476) 1562
3.0(2518) 8286
*Example of maximum lengths based on cable fiber count, OD, Wt. and turn style reel measurements.

Ordering Information

CAPT-1Tool with rotating platen for paying off cable assemblies, 500mm max reel diameter, stackable with hinged lid


  • Up to 79% improvement in installation time (results from independent 3rd party trial)
  • Safer work environment by eliminating trip hazards, no need to manually unroll fiber trunks on the floor.
  • Achieves a 50% reduction in necessary manpower, facilitated by the synchronized rotation of cables at a consistent rate, combined with the autobraking functionality that effectively prevents any potential backlash.
  • Faster training – the payoff reel’s straightforward construction yields quick and effortless training process for technicians.
  • Enables the simultaneous installation of up to eight cable assemblies using eight turn style reels arranged in two groups of four. This ensures increased productivity and safety during the installation process.