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Solutions Unique to You

Our network professionals will analyze your network to design a solution tailored to you.

Data center industry trends, technology advancements, and the demands of your customers are enough to keep you busy. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) understands the ever-growing complexity of day-to-day operations, Our experts know that you need a supplier focused on providing products on time and solving problems within specific timeframes. With solutions using standard or custom products, SEL offers a support system of data center experts with the knowledge and stability of a multi-national, industry-leading company.

One solution never fits all. Let us find a solution that uniquely fits you.

Supporting You at Every Step

  • Network infrastructure expertise
  • Technical consultation and support
  • Customer-tailored innovations and solutions
  • US & global manufacturing and supply chains
  • Product training & warranties

For all Your Data Centers


The ever-increasing demand for cloud services and subsequent need to store and process massive amounts of data requires robust and rapid network deployments. Coupled with a renewed emphasis on reducing system latency, you have a lot to analyze, manage, and plan.


Whether you rent to one customer or thousands, SEL understands that your data center requires the ability to host and store the ever-growing data demands of your tenants. You also need to securely connect them to service providers at a minimal cost. Our data center experts will assist you in creating or expanding a scalable and modular infrastructure that can be deployed quickly to maintain your service-level agreements.


While your enterprise data center may be smaller than others, SEL recognizes that all data centers have similar needs. For example, you require a robust and flexible infrastructure that can grow with you with minimum downtime and an emphasis on usability.


Ensuring fully-optimized data storage and processing that complies with standards is the first step in managing your network and facilities. SEL understands your focus on the purpose of your organization.

Deployment Methods that Work with your Environment

Field Termination

On-site field terminations and exact length cable builds offer the greatest flexibility and possibility for customization within your network infrastructure. This enables real-time moves, adds, changes, repairs, and restoration for minimal downtime. Centered around the Lynx-CustomFit™ Family of Splice-On Connectors enjoy quick, easy, and reliable customized terminations without the shorts, excess slack, or the logistic delays of preterminated cables.


Factory assembled and tested, our Pre-Terminated  and Pre-Stubbed product solutions provide a simplified way to meet network interconnect needs while improving quality, saving labor cost, and reducing installation time. Shipped ready for installation, these solutions allow the customer to specify the fiber type, fiber quantity, panel connector type, and panel size making them an ideal choice anywhere interconnects  are needed. Available as LGX, HD, and SWK™ Series.


FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® offers unprecedented ease of installation, flexibility, and cost savings for current and future network requirements. 

The revolutionary technology and design of the FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® solution provides immediate scalability with installations of exact fiber types and counts required in real-time. Conduct fast and easy installs, upgrades, and MACs in minutes or hours versus weeks or months associated with traditional cabling.

Designed with Your Needs in Mind

We have partnered with the biggest names in the industry to develop integrated end-to-end solutions and products. Our designs provide security, scalability, and continuity of infrastructure, incorporating user-friendly functionality and future-ready flexibility.

Our Next Generation Thinking solutions help customers simplify network complexity, while improving performance, cost savings, and network efficiencies.

Scalable and modular components

  • As-you-grow capacity
  • Application-specific integration into a common platform
  • Splicing and connectorization

Wide range of density

  • Up to 144 fibers in a single-rack space unit
  • Up to 6912 fibers in a 1.5 inch duct
  • Up to 144 terminations in a single connector

Proven pre-terminated solutions

  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Simplified infrastructure inventory and ordering
  • Purpose-built components - Exact-length cable assemblies

Single source end-to-end supplier

  • Fiber
  • Infrastructure products (cables, connectivity, hardware)
  • Splicers

Innovative infrastructure management tools

  • Bring clarity to cable networks
  • Combine the power of CAD software with a database
  • Plan, manage, and visualize assets and connections

What Customers Are Saying

Industry-Leading Splicers

When it comes to optical fiber fusion splicers, no other company in the world can match Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) for innovation, speed, and performance. The entire industry-leading range of splicers offers quick termination and new standards in heater shrink time. SEL strives for even better standards each day. For example, our patented dual independent ovens provide unprecedented speeds and improve splicing efficiency by 80%.

Innovative Network Tools

World’s first AI-splicing technology - reduces time spent working and overall loss while splicing.

Sumitomo Electric’s cloud-enabled data & asset management, firmware updates, and maintenance support for splicers.

SEL’s cloud-enabled network infrastructure management tool for the administration and management of buildings and assets.