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The use of networking technology in schools and universities is growing rapidly. As educators prepare their students to live and work in our high tech world, they are adopting new and innovative teaching methods.

The fiber optic network in the Data Center space is in a state of constant change as it is a key component of the overall support structure for the rapidly evolving day-to-day “online” or “connected” activity. From the “Cloud” to “The Internet of Things” all of the activity over this massive interconnected network flows in, out and through one to numerous Data Center networks. And as applications, how things get done and the enormity of what can get done evolve staying current and avoiding obsolescence becomes a daily endeavor.

In this environment it is paramount that the network planners, designers and integrators look to suppliers that provide products and solutions that are up to the task for meeting the broad and evolving needs of this fast paced market. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is one such supplier as part of the Sumitomo Electric family with a history >100 years of inventing, producing and delivering leading solutions, technologies and products for many world leading companies and an array of applications, markets and industries.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s breadth of product families and solutions combine to provide a complete end-to-end network solution that is a fit for today’s requirements and flexible to quickly respond to the rapidly growing and evolving demand in the Data Center space. From 10G to 40G, 100G and beyond our solutions cover the gamut of variations and diversity of requirements from a modest scale to Hyper-Scale Data Center Networks.

For starters Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Ultra-High Fiber Count (UHFC) cables provide the fiber rich density required for the largest of Hyper-Scale Data Center Network builds with value add features such as…

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-High Fiber Counts ranging from 1152 to 3456 in compact designs compatible with existing conduit space of 1.5” to 2”, thereby maximizing fiber density in existing pathway infrastructure
  • Combination of Pliable Ribbon and Slotted Core cable design to achieve high packing density in a robust yet flexible and easy to handle cable construction
  • Sumitomo Electric’s PureAccess® fiber is a high quality solution to yield excellence optical performance for both installed cable length and through splice points
  • Pliable Ribbon allows for fast terminations as it can be fusion spliced in a 12ct ribbon configuration similar to standard 12ct ribbon
  • Can fusion splice to other 12ct pliable ribbon, standard 12ct ribbon even to Lynx2 MPO fusion splice-on connector
  • Central Tube Riser design available to allow for deploying UHFC within the Data Center and past the initial Point-Of-Entry maximizing cable tray utilization and minimizing pathway congestion
  • Multiple cable rated options available including Riser, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, Low Smoke Halogen Free, Outside Plant, Armored
  • All common fiber types and counts starting as low as 12ct
  • All ribbon based/central tube constructions allow for excellent packing density and easy to enter and handle for installation and termination
  • All DRY cable constructions for clean entry and prep for termination
  • Both standard ribbon and NEW Pliable ribbon constructions for even greater packing density and smaller OD cable construction


lynx custom-fit splice-on connectors

Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-on Connectors

  • Largest range of connector and media options in the industry covering single fiber, duplex and even 8ct and 12ct MPO (multiple SMF and MMF options)
  • Aesthetically Appealing, High Quality, Quick and Easy Terminations EVERY TIME!
  • Utilizing Sumitomo Fusion Splicers ensures instant quality results and no 
reset-up or rework
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futureflex air blown fiber solution

FutureFLEX® Air Blown Fiber Solution

  • Wall and Rack Mount Panel Options with ranging features and benefits to accommodate varying network requirements and budgets, such as…Stationary, Simple Slide-Out or Flexible Slide-Out for Front/Rear and Angle Down access
  • Robust offering of cassette modules for LGX to High Density requirements PLUS the highly sought after FOX Splice-Cassette that allows for the utmost flexibility
  • Pre-terminated cable assemblies and hardware options for the fastest of deployment requirements
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fusion splicers and accessories

Sumitomo Electric Fusion Splicers and Accessories

  • Large breadth of Fusion Splicer products including 12ct Ribbon, Core and Active Clad Alignment, Fixed V-Groove and Smallest HandHeld fusion splicers
  • Boast first and only value add features such as dual heater ovens to eliminate splicing bottle neck, auto adjusting cleavers that keep technicians going and eliminate requirement for sending equipment in for repair
  • Fastest product support via 24 hour technical support hotline (888-SPLICER) and ONLY one day repair turnaround when needed
    All splicers are compatible with the Lynx2 CustomFit Fusion Splice-On Connectors
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SWK™ Series Connectors and Panels

  • High density and low loss connectivity
  • Ease of installation and manageability
  • Low-cost deployment and operations
  • Flexibility and agility to scale up or down
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