Fiber Bundle Breakout Kits

Make sound terminations of FutureFlex® Fiber Bundles using Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Fiber Bundle Breakout Kits.  The breakout kits are easy to load and provide permanent protection as the fibers are transitioned from the fiber bundle to the individual 900 μm color coded furcation tubes.  Each tube provides ample length for proper routing regardless the enclosure.  Coupled with Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s popular Lynx2 Fusion Splice-On Connector the furcated fibers can be terminated directly to the specified connector type to yield the appearance equivalent to a factory finish.

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Ordering Information

Part NumberFiber CountFiber TypeTube Qty.Fiber Per TubeTube SizeTubing Length
FTFLD022fSM, MM21f900 μm24 in (610 mm)
FTFLD044fSM, MM41f900 μm24 in (610 mm)
FT06FBK6fSM, MM61f900 μm24 in (610 mm)
FT12FBK12fSM, MM121f900 μm24 in (610 mm)
FT18FBK18fSM, MM181f900 μm24 in (610 mm)
FT24FBK24fSM, MM241f900 μm36 in (914 mm)
FT48FBK48fSM, MM481f900 μm36 in (914 mm)
FT48FBK-12SU48fSM412f3 mm36 in (914 mm)
FT48FBK-12MU48fMM412f3 mm36 in (914 mm)
FT72FBK72fSM, MM721f900 μm36 in (914 mm)
FT72FBK-12SU72fSM612f3 mm36 in (914 mm)
FT72FBK-12MU72fMM612f3 mm36 in (914 mm)
Tapered Bushing Included with Each Unit