Flex Patch Panels

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Flex Patch Panels are flexible rack mounted termination units. These patch panels are compatible with any FOX Splice Cassette, LGX Cassette or Interconnect Panel and allow for sliding tray access from  the front & rear. Available in standard 1RU, 2RU, 3RU, &  4RU sizes with two additional extended version for the 2RU  & 4RU options. The Flex Patch Panels are a great fit for Air-Blown Fiber® bundles & tubes within a wide range of network installations and applications.

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Part NumberRack UnitModuleModule Cap.LC Port Cap.SC Port CapDimension
(H. x W. x D.)
FT01RU3P1RULGX372 LC36 SC1.75 x 17 x 14.75 in
(44 x 432 x 375 mm)
FT02RU6P2RULGX6144 LC72 SC3.5 x 17 x 14.75 in
(44 x 432 x 375 mm)
FT02RU6PX2RULGX6144 LC72 SC3.5 x 17 x 17 in
(89 x 432 x 432 mm)
FT03RU8P3RULGX8192 LC96 SC5.25 x 17 x 14.75 in
(133 x 432 x 375 mm)
FT04RU12P4RULGX12288 LC144 SC7 x 17 x 14.75 in
(178 x 432 x 375 mm)
FT04RU12PX4RULGX12288 LC144 SC7 x 17 x 17 in
(178 x 432 x 432 mm)


  • Front & Back Doors
    • Removable For Unobstructed Access
  • Latches
    • For Front & Back Door Tool-Less Operation
  • Sliding Tray
    • From Front & Back for Easy Loading
  • LGX Compatible Faceplates
    • For FOX Splice Cassettes, LGX Cassettes, or Interconnect Panels
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Cable & Fiber Management Options
    • Provided in Kitting
      • Strain Relief Bracket, Splice Tray Holder, Hose Clamps, & Cable Routing Rings
  • Extend Versions
    • Available in 2RU & 4RU Include an Extra 2.25” of Depth