Blowing Head Equipment & Accessories

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s cable blowing head is used to blow the compact fiber optic bundles through the tube cable on a stream of air or nitrogen gas. Installation is completely stress-free, eliminating the damage that can occur when traditional fiber is pulled through the network.

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Part NumberDescription
BE200LRMBlowing Head Kit, Monthly Rental
BE200LRSBlowing Head Kit, Semi-annual Rental
BE200LRYBlowing Head Kit, Yearly Rental (Long Reel for 72-Fiber Bundle and/or Fiber Bundle Extended Length)
BE02DWBlowing Head Drive Wheels 2, 4 or 6 and 12-Fiber Single Sub-unit Bundle / Red
BE02SLBlowing Head Seal 2, 4 or 6 and 12-Fiber Single Sub-unit Bundle / Black
BE03DWBlowing Head Drive Wheels (12 Legacy, 18, 24, 48 or 72-Fiber Bundle) / Black
BE03SLBlowing Head Seal (12 Legacy, 18 or 24-Fiber Bundle) Black
BE04SLBlowing Head Seal (48 and 72-Fiber Bundle) Black
BE08CTBBB Catcher with 8mm Fittings
BE2MFTReusable, threaded, aluminum tip for installing 2, 4 or 6 and 12-Fiber Bundle/Red
BE3MFTReusable, threaded, aluminum tip for installing for 24-Fiber Bundle/Black
BE35MFTReusable, threaded, aluminum tip for 48 and 72-Fiber Bundle/Green
BEPT001Tube Testing Kit, for Pressure & Obstruction Tests
BEPT0SPressure Test Switch
BEBB01P5 mm Plastic Beads (for Obstruction Testing) pack of 100
BEPTGATest Gauge – Handheld Pressure Gauge with 8 mm Fitting for Tube Pressure Testing
BEBB40P4 mm Plastic Beads (for Obstruction Testing of TCxxTP2 series)
BEREG02Single-Stage Nitrogen Tank Regulator, 0-200 psi
BEISOV1Dual-Tank Isolation Valve Kit – for using 2 nitrogen bottles
BEREGCARegulator adapter for compressed air cylinders
BETC001Tube Cutter
BETC00BReplacement Blade for Tube Cutter
BETLL03Tube Cable Cutter (Replaced BETL01 and BETL02)


  • System Consists of a Payoff Stand on Which Reels of Fiber Bundles are Placed; a Blowing Head Used to Direct the Fiber Bundles; a Pressure Regulator and Air Source
  • Air Source is Either Compressed Air or Bottles of Compressed Nitrogen
  • Pressure Regulator with 0-200 psi Output Pressure
  • Fiber Bundles are Blown at Rates Up to 150 Feet Per Minute. Speed is Controlled by Air Flow Rate Through Motor