OS2 Single-Mode Freeform Ribbon® Fiber Bundles

The new Bundle (FP72PVS) has same 72-ct Freeform Ribbon® design as the legacy product (FB72SP) but with even better blowing performance with improved durability. Now available with 48-ct (FP48PVS). Both the 72ct and now 48ct fiber bundles are available with Sumitomo Electric’s patented and advanced 12ct pliable ribbon technology known as Freeform Ribbon. The Freeform Ribbon allows for compact fiber bundle construction without the need for nylon subunits which makes the preparation and termination process much easier and faster compared to the legacy versions. Additionally with the 12ct Freeform Ribbon, fusion splicing can be done with 12 fibers at once compared to only one fiber at a time for a legacy version, again saving valuable time and overall termination costs.

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Jacket MaterialPolyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
Jacket ColorYellow
Fiber Core Dia.8.3 μm
Fiber Core / Cladding Offset≤ 0.4 μm
Cladding Dia.125 μm
Max. Attenuation0.3 dB/km [1,310 nm]
0.4 dB/km [1,550 nm]
Index of Refraction1.466 [1,310 nm]
1.467 [1,550 nm]
1,625 [1,625 nm]
Min. Bend Radius1.5 in (38.1 mm)

Ordering Information

Part NumberFiber TypeFiber CountNominal Cable ODNominal WeightMax. Length
FB48PVSOS248f0.12 in (3.1 mm)5.2 lb/kft (7.7 kg/km)9,800 ft (2,987.0 m)
FB72PVSOS272f0.15 in (3.7 mm)6.0 lb/kft (8.9 kg/km)9,800 ft (2,987.0 m)