Introducing the world’s newest innovations in network cable infrastructure for your data center.


Today’s connected data center network infrastructure faces unprecedented demands from cloud computing and hyperscale growth. Whether you are building out hyperscale, enterprise, or edge, our revolutionary SWK™ cabling infrastructure products will provide you with the solutions and resources your workforce needs to get the job done. Benefits and features of the product line include:

  • High density and low loss connectivity
  • Ease of installation and manageability
  • Low-cost deployment and operations
  • Flexibility and agility to scale up or down as your needs change


Every single device within your data center requires low-loss and high-performance connection among devices. Discover how the SWK™ series can both revolutionize and future-proof your connected infrastructure:

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This hyperscale fiber optics connector is the first to provide revolutionary self-cleaning while delivering the highest strand capacity in the smallest form factor at the lowest loss. It has been recognized as one of the most innovative products of its kind by optical communications industry experts.

features and benefits

The groundbreaking SWK™ Connector by Swick™ Designs is a game changer in network cabling. Its unique benefits include more efficient work time and less maintenance time – all adding up to cost savings for your bottom line. The SWK™ Connector:

  • Provides the highest strand capacity with the smallest form factor at the lowest loss attenuation available on the market
  • Is self-cleaning and self-protecting
  • Requires less maintenance time which means cost savings
  • Offers levels of efficiency and flexibility never before seen in the industry
  • Tackles three of the biggest problems in the field for technicians: gender change, polarity flip, and cleanliness
  • Includes an extending reach-and-release handle

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THE SWK™ fiber adapter & patch panels

Our patch panels utilize the connector while also transforming it into any type of connector format available, including future types. These patch panels utilize the SWK™ connector with its feature enhancements.

features and benefits

No other manufacturer offers this groundbreaking combination of features:

  • We have designed the flex adapter to enable field techs
    to pivot and rotate the connection 45 degrees in any direction – this allows increased cable flexibility and eliminates strain
  • Rack mount by hand with Rapid Latch™ – no tools or hardware required; our rapid latch-turn dial-fastening system enables field techs to mount the panels without tools – just fit the pin guides into the hole and twist the dial
  • No keying necessary, thanks to the SWK™ Connector’s
    QFP Feature
  • The Universal Bulkhead Module (UBM) comes in a variety of connector types including SWK, LC, MPO and RJ45

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