SWK™ Fiber Cable Assembly – Pigtail

Our innovative line of SWK™ cable assemblies help you maximize and future-proof your network infrastructure projects.

SWK™ pigtail cables are fully customizable to any standard connector can be directly connected to any existing infrastructure device providing you with highest capacity connectivity solution available to the market today coupled with never-before-seen usability.

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SW-24PT-SM-INP-SWLF0-003MSWK-L 24f SMF Connector, Pre-stubbed Pigtail, 2 x 12f Ribbon Fibers, 3 metersSMFOFNP
SW-48PT-SM-INP-SWLF0-003MSWK-L 48f SMF Connector Pre-stubbed Pigtail, 4 x 12f Ribbon Fibers, 3 metersSMFOFNP
SW-96PT-SM-INP-SWLF0-003MSWK-L 96f SMF Connector Pre-stubbed Pigtail, 8 x 12f Ribbon Fibers, 3 metersSMFOFNP
SW-144PT-SM-INP-SWLF0-003MSWK-L 144f SMF Connector Pre-stubbed Pigtail, 12 x 12f Ribbon Fibers, 3 metersSMFOFNP
SW-192PT-SM-INP-SWLF0-003MSWK-L 192f SMF Connector Pre-stubbed Pigtail, 16 x 12f Ribbon Fibers, 3 metersSMFOFNP


  • Highest Density Connectivity Footprint
  • Lowest Loss Attenuation
  • Self-Cleaning and Self-Protecting Connection
  • Quick Change Polarity (QCP) – no disassembly required
  • Universally Adaptable to any Connector or Device Type
  • Fully Customizable and built to your exact length specifications

*SWK is a trademark or registered trademark of Cheng, Steve.