OS2 Single-Mode Fiber Bundles

These fiber bundles are designed for installation into the FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® tube cable infrastructure. They can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The 72-Fiber and 48-Fiber Bundle utilize a 12-ct Freeform Ribbon® design for rapid terminations to either single connectors, ribbon fanouts or MPO connectors. It also requires using the Long Reel (LR) version blowing head rental unit.

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Jacket MaterialPolyethylene Extruded Foam (PEF)
Jacket ColorYellow
Core Dia.8.3 μm
Fiber Core / Cladding Offset≤ 0.4 μm
Cladding Dia.125 μm
Max. Attenuation0.3 dB/km [1,310 nm]
0.4 dB/km [1,550 nm]
Index of Refraction View Product Info Sheet
Min. Bend Radius1.5 in (38.1 mm)

Ordering Information

Part NumberFiber TypeFiber CountNominal Cable ODNominal WeightStd. LengthMax Length
FB02SXOS22f0.08 in (2.0 mm)0.4 lb/kft (0.6 kg/km)14,000 ft (4,267.2 m)40,000 ft (12,192.0 m)
FB06SXOS26f0.08 in (2.0 mm)1.3 lb/kft (1.9 kg/km)14,000 ft (4,267.2 m)40,000 ft (12,192.0 m)
FB12SXSOS212f0.08 in (2.1 mm)1.9 lb/kft (2.8 kg/km)7,000 ft (2,133.6 m)38,000 ft (11,582.4 m)
FB24SXOS224f0.12 in (3.0 mm)3.4 lb/kft (5.1 kg/km)7,000 ft (2,133.6 m)16,500 ft (5,029.2 m)
FB48SXOS248f0.15 in (3.7 mm)5.6 lb/kft (8.3 kg/km)6,500 ft (1,981.2 m)11,000 ft (33,52.8 m)


  • Up to 72 Fibers Per Bundle
  • Industry Standard Low Water Peak Single-Mode Optical Fiber
  • Fibers Individually Color Coded Per TIA Standards
  • Yellow Aerodynamic Jacket Allows Long Distance Blows
  • Ripcords for Easy Bundle Entry
  • UL Listed for Use with Fire-Rated Tube Cables
  • Meets ICEA, TIA and UL Standards