Q502S Active Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer

With new features and new technologies, the Q502S fusion splicer offers improved performance, reliability, and user experience. The Q502S series maintains Sumitomo Electric’s industry-leading features, including a world-class*2 light and compact frame, quick splicing, and environmental durability.

The Q502S is powered by NanoTune™ AI technology, which greatly improves splicing efficiency and accuracy regardless of operational condition and user skill.

Hot Core Analyzing
The Q502S provides accurate estimated loss by analyzing the fiber image through high-quality microscopes during splicing.

Detection of MMF and SMF fiber types
As a world first, the Q502S introduces a fiber type detection function – allowing the Q502S to distinguish between MMF and SMF fiber types and ensure use of the correct splice program.

SumiCloud™*3adds wireless LAN connectivity*4 to the Q502S. with a suite of cloud-based productivity services via a smartphone app. SumiCloud™ includes a Preventive Maintenance function, Over The Air firmware updates, and the capability to create and send work reports to the cloud. A web browser based management interface allows managers to review splicer reports and performance, and remotely lock units in case of theft.


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