FC-6+ Series Fiber Cleaver

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Newest cleaver; the FC-6+ series are high precision cleaving tools with an automatic blade return system for quick and simple operation.
Optionally they can include a fiber offcut collector to enhance workplace safety and an auto rotating blade to remove the need to regularly stop work to adjust the tool.
The FC-6+ is intended for use on a benchtop or work tray.

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FC-6S+ Manual


FC-6R+ Manual


FC-6R+ Supplement



Property Specification Specification 
Part Number FC-6R+ FC-6S+ 
One-Action Cleave Yes Yes 
Applicable to Universal Fiber Count Yes n/a 
Automatic Blade Rotation Yes n/a 
Material Silica Glass Silica Glass 
Cladding Dia. 125 μm 125 μm 
Fiber Count 1 – 12f 1f 
Cleave Length (0.25 mm Dia.) 5 – 20 mm 5 – 20 mm 
Cleave Length (0.9 mm Dia.) 10 – 20 mm 10 – 20 mm 
Cleave Length (Ribbon) 10 mm n/a 
Cleave Angle (Typical) 0.5° 0.5° 
Blade Life 60,000f (2,500f x 24 Positions) 54,000f (2,250f x 24 Positions) 
Replacement Blade FCP-7RBL FCP-BL 

Physical Characteristics

Property Specification 
Height 2.5 in (63 mm) 
Width 3.2 in (81 mm) 
Depth 4 in (100 mm) 
Weight 1 lb (440 g) 

Ordering Information

Part NumberComponents
FC-6Rp 6R+ Auto Rotating Fiber Optic Cleaver, Carrying Case, Single Fiber Adapter, Fiber Collector  
FC-6Sp 6S+ Single Fiber Optic Cleaver, Carrying Case, Single Fiber Adapter, Fiber Collector 


Smart Cleave Counter 1 to 12-Fiber Ribbon Cleaver

Automatic Blade Rotation Ideal Cleaver for Mechanical Connectors

Ideal Cleaver for High Volume Precision Cleaving

Applications in Any Environment

Compatible with All Sumitomo Electric Fusion Splicers Precision

Blade Performs 60,000 Cleaves