Fusion Splicing Cleaning Kit & Carrying Case

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has combined its recommended splicer cleaning products into a single kit for effortless ordering and convenience. The kit combines items required to identify and remove easily the contaminants that can degrade overall splicing performance.

Whether generated by environmental dust, dirt or excess coating/matrix residue from the splicing process, the microscopic contaminants can now be isolated and effectively removed. The kit includes the highest quality tools and non-flammable and ozone friendly cleaning solutions that are verified to be effective in even the harshest splicing environments. The items are grouped into and protected by a durable carrying case. The carrying case is designed to fit snuggly inside the fusion splicer transit case. The carrying case includes an internal zippered pocket for storing extra electrodes, fiber holders or smaller items that can become lost or damaged inside the fusion splicing case.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s commitment to excellence includes items as small, but crucial, as the cleaning formulas and tools we offer to our customers. Only the best performing cleaning formulas tested are offered as Sumitomo consumable products. That’s the reason many technicians and installers trust that our various consumables including fiber optic cleaning supplies and tools are the very best in the industry.

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Part NumberDescription
FUS-CLN-KIT-OSPFusion Splicing Cleaning Kit for OSP
FOC-QECleaner, Fiber Optic, Quick Evaporating
FCW-HQ-50Wipes, Cleaning, Lint Free, 50/ea
VGB-003-CRV-Groove Cleaning Brush
GCB-001Non-Scratching Duster Brush
SCB-001Retractable Soft Bristle Brush
SBB-001Double-Sided Stiff Bristle Scrub Brush
CMG-001Lighted Magnifier
CTSW-PKLint Free Cotton Swabs, 25/ea
CTSW-1Lint Free Mini-Cotton Swabs 2000/box
GW-338042 x 2 in Gauze Wipes (1 sleeve)
HL-2Alcohol Bottle (No Alcohol Included)