Indoor/Outdoor Riser Standard Ribbon Cables

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Indoor/Outdoor Riser Standard Ribbon Cables feature 250 µm color-coded optical fibers for easy fiber identification and Sumitomo’s exclusive patented easy split and peel technology for easy fiber access and unprecedented ease of handling and splicing. The twelve fiber ribbons enable connectorization with both MPO and all industry standard connectors. The non-preferential bend axis allows for easy installation in space constrained areas. The cables include a dielectric strength member with a flexible, flame-retardant outer jacket in its all dielectric cable construction that eliminates grounding or bonding. Sumitomo’s Indoor-Outdoor Riser Rated Ribbon Cables also eliminate the need for installers to switch from an outside plant to a premise cable when transitioning from the outside plant to inside plant. The cables meet OFNR and CSA FT4 specifications and are available in all fiber types.

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Min. Bend Radius – During Installation       20 x Cable OD
Min. Bend Radius – After Installation10 x Cable OD
Max. Tensile Load During Installation600 lb (2,670 N)
Compression Resistance124 lb/in (220 N/cm)
Operation Temperature Range+32 to +158°F (0 to +70°C)
TestingOFNR, FT4

Physical Characteristics

Fiber CountNominal Cable ODNominal WeightFibers Per Ribbon
12 – 48f0.61 in (15.5 mm)102.0 lb/kft (152.0 kg/km)12f
60 – 144f0.67 in (17.0 mm)155.0 lb/kft (230.0 kg/km)12f

Ordering Information

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SE- [ 1 ] RG [ 4 4 4 4 ] – [ 5 ]

[ 1 ] – Fiber Type[ 4 ] – Fiber Count (4-Digits)[ 5 ] – Fiber Attenuation Grades
1 – 50 µm Multimode Fiber (OM2/3/4)  
8 –  PureAccess G.657.A1 Bend Insensitive Single-Mode Fiber
0012 to 0144 – 12 to 144f (Total Fibers in The Cable)  
B – Standard Single-Mode 0.40/0.30 dB/km (1310/1550 nm)  
7 – OM3 Enhanced performance 50 µm MM (850/1300nm) 10Gb  
8 –  OM4 Enhanced performance 50 µm MM (850/1300nm) 10Gb


  • Color-Coded Optical Fibers for Quick and Easy Identification
  • Patented Peelable Ribbon Matrix Material for Easy Fiber Access
  • 12-Fiber Grouping for Ease and Compatibility with Multi-Fiber Connectors
  • All-Dielectric Cable Construction Requires No Grounding or Bonding
  • Meets UL 1666/CSA FT4 Specifications
  • RoHS Compliant