Fiber Arrangement Tool

The FTA-02 organizes individual fibers into ribbons for mass splicing. Ribbonizing can be completed in less than 3 minutes, including adhesive drying time.

Finished ribbon can be stripped, cleaved and spliced similar to manufactured ribbon. FTA-02 includes Fiber Arrangement Tool, Carry Case and pair of Fiber Arrangement Shims.


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Part NumberDescription
FTA-02Fiber Arrangement Tool
FAC-24Fiber Arrangement Consumable Kit


  • Organizes Individual Fibers Into Ribbons for Mass Splicing
  • Ribbons Can be Made With 2 to 12 Fibers
  • Creates a 7-inch Ribbon In Two Simple Steps
  • Ribbon Can be Completed In Less Than 3 Minutes Including Adhesive Drying Time
  • Finished Ribbon Can Be Stripped Cleaved and Spliced Similar to a Manufactured Ribbon
  • Enough Materials In the Consumable Kit to Construct 30 Ribbons.
  • Compatible With All Sumitomo Mass Splicers