Plenum Ribbon Cable


Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s 4th Level® Flexible Indoor Plenum Rated Ribbon Cables are designed for high fiber density and the saving of valuable duct space, making them an ideal choice for intra-building applications. These cables feature 250μm color-coded optical fibers for easy fiber identification.  Sumitomo’s exclusive patented Easy Split and Peel™ technology provides easy fiber access and unprecedented ease of handling and splicing. The twelve fiber ribbon groupings enable easy connectorization with both MPO and all industry standard connectors.

Flexible dielectric strength members provide mechanical durability within a flame retardant jacket, while the non-preferential bend axis allows for easy installation in space-constrained areas. The all-dielectric cable construction eliminates the need for grounding or bonding.  These plenum rated cables meet or exceed National Electrical Code® (NEC®), NFPA 262, OFNP, and CSA FT-6 approvals and listings.


  • Ideal for High Density Applications
  • Dry Central Tube Design for Easy Installation; No Mess When Splicing
  • Patented Peelable Ribbon Matrix Material for Easy Fiber Access
  • Color-Coded Optical Fibers for Quick and Easy Identification
  • All-Dielectric Cable Construction Requires No Grounding or Bonding
  • RoHS Compliant


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