Outdoor/Indoor Special Application Tube Cables

FutureFLEX® Mass Transit Tube Cables are designed for use as an optical fiber cabling infrastructure in Air Blown Fiber applications which meet NFPA 130 (Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems) and LSHF cabling requirements. These requirements include FT4 ST-1/IEEE1202 exposure requirements for char height, total smoke released, and peaksmoke released rate of ANSI/UL1685. Mass Transit Tube Cables may also be used in indoor applications where Optical Fiber conductive – OFCG/OFC or FT4 ST-1 apply, or (2) no fire ratings apply. Mass Transit Tube Cables are pulled or placed in indoor routes for the purpose of individual tube interconnection to establish pathways for FutureFLEX® fiber bundle installation.

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Min. Bend Radius – During Installation20 x Cable OD
Min. Bend Radius – After Installation10 x Cable OD
Inner Tube ID0.24 in (6 mm)
Inner Tube OD0.32 in (8 mm)
Standard Reel Length3,000 ft {+30 ft/-0 ft} (914.4 m {+9.1 m/-0 m})
Max. Reel Length3,000 ft {+30 ft/-0 ft} (914.4 m {+9.1 m/-0 m})
Operation Temperature Range-40 to +158°F (-40 to +70° C)
TestingNFPA 130; IEEE 1202; ANSUI/UL 1685; OFCG; OFC; FT-4-ST1

Ordering Information

Standard Tube Cables

Part NumberTube Qty.Nominal Cable ODNominal Weight
TC02MTIO20.84 in (21.3 mm)128.0 lb/kft (190.5 kg/km)
TC04MTIO40.97 in (24.6 mm)235.0 lb/kft (349.7 kg/km)
TC07MTIO71.15 in (29.2 mm)336.0 lb/kft (500.0 kg/km)
TC12MTIO121.43 in (36.3 mm)437.0 lb/kft (650.3 kg/km)
TC19MTIO191.78 in (45.2 mm)672.0 lb/kft (1,000.0 kg/km)

Interlocking Armored Tube Cables

Part NumberTube Qty.Nominal Cable ODNominal Weight
TC02MTIO-421.20 in (30.5 mm)531.0 lb/kft (790.2 kg/km)
TC04MTIO-441.38 in (35.1 mm)623.0 lb/kft (927.1 kg/km)
TC07MTIO-471.50 in (38.1 mm)1,001.0 lb/kft (1,489.6 kg/km)
TC12MTIO-4121.77 in (45.0 mm)1,223.0 lb/kft (1,820.0 kg/km)
TC19MTIO-4192.17 in (55.1 mm)1,850.0 lb/kft (2,753.0 kg/km)


  • Low Smoke
  • NFPA 130 / cUL FT4 / IEEE 1202 Listed / OFNR
  • Water-Blocking Tape
  • Cable Length Markings at 2 Foot Intervals
  • Tube ID Numbers Marked at 2 Inch Intervals
  • Meets TIA and UL Standards
  • UL 1651 Listed