Fiber Termination Tools & Accessories

Tube Distribution Tools & Accessories are used for cutting, splicing or sealing tube cables. Available items include tubing cutters and replacement blades, tube cable cutters and replacement blades, splice kits and tube cable end seals.

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Part NumberDescription
BETC001Tube Cutter
BETC00BReplacement Blade for Tube Cutter
BETL03Tube Cable Cutter Up to 1.3 in (32 mm) Green
BETL64Tube Cable Cutter Up to 2.5 in (64 mm) Blue
BE08CTBBB Catcher with 0.32 in (8 mm) fitting
BEPT0SPressure Test Switch
DE00SPLTube Cable Splice Kit (for 2 or 4-Tube Cables)
DE01SPLTube Cable Splice Kit (for 7 or 12-Tube Cables)
DE02SPLTube Cable Splice Kit (for 19-Tube Cables)
DE03SPLTube Cable Splice Kit (for 24-Tube Cables)
DE04HS1Cable End Seal (Heat Shrink, TC02-TC04 Tube Cables)
DE07HS1Cable End Seal (Heat Shrink, TC07 Tube Cables)
DE19HS1Cable End Seal (Heat Shrink, TC19 & 24-Tube Cables)
DE19HS2Cable End Seal (Heat Shrink, TC19TRC Tube Cables)