Modular Hyperscale eXchange (M-HSX)


The need for a solution that adapts to every data center’s demand for an optical distribution frame has never been greater. Based on the needs across many data centers and around world, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has created the new MHSX solution. The MHSX provides a high density optical cabling solution that includes all the supreme flexibility that is needed in a single cabinet. With the number of supporting features, the MHSX solution will marginally reduce the time and hassle it takes for any maintenance, installation or removal of cables while also providing an ease of usability, routing and scalability. Allowing for a number of application specific modules and providing other beneficial attachments, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s MHSX solution has capability to solve essential business needs and will go even further with our other supporting products.


  • A Frame that will allow for a large cable capacity & opportunities for future growth.
  • Cable Entries Opening from above & below with shingles based on your needs.
  • Removable Side Doors allowing for additional access to handle cables.
  • Large Work Platform to operate slicers & other equipment while being close to the current module being worked on.
  • Fusion Splicing Tray & Connectivity Modules that are easy to adjust and utilize.
  • Cable Management options that will allow for clean routing and separations

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