Lynx-CustomFit® 2 Splice-On Connectors MPO Breakout Kit

The Lynx CustomFit® 2 Splice-On Connector,an industry first innovation by Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, is a revolutionary solution for customized, real-time, on-site,cable builds and terminations with the speed and performance required for the bandwidth-rich and high density demands of today’s networks.

With the Lynx2 connectors, eliminate the risk of shorts, excess slack, and the logistic delays of preterminated cables; make obsolete the need for splice trays; reduce congestion in rack or cabinet space; and save significant time and costs in material and labor associated with other connectivity methods. The Lynx2 field installable connectors also allow for unprecedented fast project turnaround times and quick and easy repairs and restorations to keep your network up and running.

With the Lynx2 Breakout Kits, the remarkable benefits of on-site customized connectivity are made possible for loose tube cable,ribbon cable, or blown fiber bundles. Solvingthe limitations of existing solutions, Lynx2 connectivity, along with 4th Level data center or FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber®systems, provide you with the most advanced technologies for the evolving 21st Century network.

Transition 12ct or 24ct loose tube cable or blown fiber bundle to one/two 12ct 3mmcolor coded jacketed furcation tubes to allow for terminating Lynx2-MPO Splice-On Connector to 12F/24F loose tube or blown fiber bundles.


  • Color Coded Simplex and DuplexOptions to Identify Easily the Fiber Type
  • Reduces Congestion in Rack or Cabinet by Substituting 12 Single Fiber Connectors with One 12F MPO Connector
  • Upgrades to 40G/100G
  • Provides Customized Field Polarity Management
  • Eliminates the Need for Splice Trays
  • Achieves Exact Length Cable Build On-Site in Real-Time without the Risk of Shorts and Excess Slack
  • Cuts Time, Material, and Labor Costs Associated with Other Connectivity Methods
  • RoHS Compliant

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