Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connectors

Customized, on-site field terminations and cable builds at exact lengths are now made possible with the next generation Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connectors by Sumitomo. The Lynx2 is a fully integrative splice-on fiber optic connector enabling quick, easy, and reliable customized FTTx, outside-plant, and inside-plant permanent field terminations without the shorts, excess slack, and logistic delays of preterminated cables.

The splice-on connector is ideal also for central office, fiber hub/pedestal, and data center applications offering real-time flexibility for quick moves, adds, and changes, repairs, and restoration for minimal downtime. The latest design of the Lynx2 eliminates the crimping process and the use of high priced crimping tools.

The Lynx is compatible with all SC, LC, FC and ST style fiber optic connectors, and eliminates the necessity and costs of maintaining an inventory of splice trays and varying lengths of pre-terminated jumpers. Ease of use, elimination of hand polishing and index matching gels, consistent results, reliability, and unprecedented accuracy in connectivity make the Lynx2 the best choice in fiber termination.

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Housing ColorBlueGreenBeigeBlackAqua
Typical Insertion Loss0.15 dB0.15 dB0.10 dB0.10 dB0.10 dB
Maximum Insertion Loss≤ 0.30 dB≤ 0.30 dB≤ 0.25 dB≤ 0.25 dB≤ 0.25 dB
Return Loss≥ 55 dB≥ 65 dB≥ 30 dB≥ 30 dB≥ 30 dB
Operating Temperature-40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

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Splice-On Connectors

Instructions: Create an part number by using this character set & codes:

LYNX2 – [ 1 1 ] [ 2 2 2 ] [ 3 3 3 3 3 ] – [ 4 4 4 4 4 4 ]

[ heaven heaven 1 ] – Connector Type[ 2 ] – Polish Type[ 3 ] – Fiber Type[ 4 ] – Media Diameter
LC – LC Connector
SC – SC Connector
FC – FC Connector
ST – ST Connector
APC – Angled Polished Connector
UPC – Ultra Polished Connector
PC – Physical Contact
M6 – OM1 Fiber (62.5 μm)
M5 – OM2 Fiber (50 μm)
M510G – OM3/4/5 (50 μm)
SM – SM (9 μm)  
250900 – For 250 μm or 900 μm Tight Buffer
250900SB – Short Boot for SC and LC 250 μm/900 μm Tight Buffer
250FT8 – For 250 μm with 8” Furcation Tube
2.0LT – For 2.0 mm Cord with 900 μm Tube
900LT –  For 900 μm Loose Buffer (ABF Breakout Kit Compatible)
2.0 – For 2.0 mm Cord
3.0 – For 3.0 mm Cord
3.0DCL – Only for LC Duplex Application with 3.00 mm Cord
4.8 – For 4.8 mm Cord (SM, SC, APC Only)


Part NumberDescription
LYNX2-TKU-2.0-3.0Lynx Tool Kit for 2.0/3.0mm
LYNX2-TKU-2.4Lynx Tool Kit for 2.4mm
LYNX2-CORDTOOL-2.4Cord Prep Tool for 2.4mm
LYNX2-CORDTOOL-2.0-3.0Cord Prep Tool for 2.0/3.0mm
LYNX2-HOLDER-CPlastic Ferrule Holder (Sumitomo & New Competitor Splicers)
LYNX2-UML-CLynx, Ferrule Side Holder, Metal/Universal
LYNX2-UML-SLynx, Splice Sleeve Side Holder, Metal/Universal
FHS-025-LB5Fiber Holder, Loose Buffer 250/900μm, 900LT
LYNX-SHEARSKevlar Cutters
JR-M03Jacket Remover
LYNX2-ST-AT-01ST Assembly Tool (Required for all ST Connectors)
LYNX2-CORDTOOL-4.8Cord Prep Tool for 4.8mm


  • Achieve EXACT Lengths On-Site, without the Risk of Shorts & Slack of Preterminated Cables
  • Fast & Easy Terminations, Eliminating Logistic Delays of Pre-Engineered Cables /Jumpers
  • Cuts Time, Material, and Labor Costs Associated with Other Connectivity Methods
  • Cross Compatible with all SC, LC, FC and ST Connectors
  • Consistent & Reliable Results with Single-Mode and Multimode Fiber
  • Low Insertion & Return Losses for Superior Signal Integrity
  • Complete Connectorization in Less than 3 Minutes
  • Compatible with Sumitomo Splicers and Other Brands
  • Instant Splice Loss Feedback
  • Meets Telcordia GR-326-CORE and GR-1081-CORE Compliance