Buffer Tube Shaver

The multi-fiber buffer tube is gripped between the jaws of the tool and led through the tool’s guide groove. When the tool is pulled, the specially ground knives cut through the sheath, shaving off a section of it without damaging the fibers within.

Depending on requirement, 2 types of cut can be made:

1. Removing either a mid or end section of the sheath in order to expose the fibers.

A required length of section is shaved off and separated at the end using an optical fiber side cutter. The remaining sheath is then cut through at both ends once the fibers have been removed.

2. Opening a section of the sheath in order to gain access to the fibers.

The window cutting technique issued for this, the main part of the sheath remaining intact to provide stability. To do this, only two sections are opened, both approx. 5 cm long. In one section, they are pulled out using a spatula. Use special mouldings to close the cut sites.

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Part NumberDescription
BTS-TP1Buffer Tube Shaver (Mid-span Access Tool)


  • Opens Multifiber Buffers Without Cutting Fibers
  • Reduces Splices When Creating Branches
  • Simple Longitudinal Cut
  • No Damage to Optical Fibers
  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling.
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Any Length of Cut
  • Easy to Handle
  • Durable