6912F Transition Module


Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s UHFC Cable Transition Module is an elegant solution for bringing Ultra-High Fiber-Count cable directly to a rack for patch panel terminations. The transition module is positioned at the top-rear of the rack and is height adjustable. The top includes 3 large cable glands for the UHFC cable to enter the unit. Inside the cable is opened to reveal the pliable ribbons to be diverted into the 8 smaller cable glands that work well with 864 to 1728 fibers. These groupings of 864-1728 fibers travel through conduit directly to Sumitomo’s preterminated 6RU patch panels.


  • Internal grounding lugs for UHFC cable
  • 3 large incoming ports, 8 small outgoing ports
  • Conduit included for connecting to 864 6RU preterminated panels
  • Protection socking included for feeding ribbon bundles
  • Eliminates need for splice vault at POE

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