[USE CASE STUDY] FutureFLEX® in Stadiums

Delivering the most flexible, cost-effective and high-performance fiber optic cabling solution to stadiums and broadcasting networks across the country.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is changing the way stadiums and networks broadcast sporting events. For the first time, stadiums and broadcasters will be able to install miles of fiber optic cabling in a single day, customize existing cables at will and be able to deliver exceptional performance every time.

FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber is bringing all the benefits of air-blown fiber to stadiums and other sports venues throughout the United States. Air-blown optical fiber delivers a more flexible, more reliable and better quality cabling solution at 70%-90% of the costs of traditional solutions. It provides virtually unlimited fiber, bandwidth and pathway capacity with a continuous splice-free run that means practically no downtime. In short, networks can rely on air-blown fiber to deliver exceptional performance and bandwidth.

FutureFLEX® Air-blown Fiber is an environmentally friendly, end-to-end, splice-free optical fiber solution that provides real benefits for stadiums and broadcasting networks throughout America. Delivering the ultimate combination of bandwidth performance and low costs, FutureFLEX lets stadiums and networks reconfigure, customize and expand cabling between sporting events to allow for the best broadcasting quality possible.

Why are stadiums and networks adopting FutureFLEX?

Making the switch is an easy choice for stadiums. Because optical fiber is air-blown, it makes for a fast, non-disruptive and safe installation that is perfect for sports stadiums. It also means fiber can be exchanged in minutes and old fiber can be reused. There’s no end to the fiber and bandwidth life cycle. The continuous splice-free fiber run eliminates points of failure for effectively zero downtime. That’s why a number of sporting stadiums and broadcasters are adopting FutureFLEX® as their preferred fiber network cabling infrastructure. Here is how they are benefiting:

Easy Installation

FutureFLEX Air-blown Fiber® is quick and easy to install. It takes two installers just 45 minutes to blow one mile of air-blown fiber. In comparison, it can take 6-8 installers, two or three days to pull the same length of optic cable.


Different networks and different sporting events require different cable infrastructure. FutureFLEX® can accommodate the frequent changes, expansions and customization of fiber routing between different sporting events that networks require. Instead of laying dark, unused fibers, stadiums and networks can have the flexibility of re-configuring or blowing out the fiber when an event ends.

Unmatched Reliability

FutureFLEX® provides exceptional quality and reliability. That’s because there’s no need to pull air-blown fiber. Instead, it can be reconfigured into continuous point-to-point installation whenever networks or venues require. It can be installed over long distances quickly and effectively. With zero points of network failure, long-term reliability and scalability is guaranteed.

No Disruption

Air-blown fiber can be installed without causing physical disruption to stadium buildings or operations. It eliminates re-entrance into conduit, ceilings, walls, and manholes. Before, during or immediately between different sporting events, FutureFLEX® is scalable and can be installed over long distances without bringing all other operations to a halt.

FutureFLEX® Solution vs. Traditional Conduit

Features of FutureFLEX®:

  • Blows the exact type and count of fiber required at speeds of up to 150 ft. per minute
  • Provides essentially unlimited pathway, fiber and bandwidth capacity
  • No need for unused and wasted dark fiber
  • Scalable, reliable
  • Installations, upgrades and extensions are quick and easy, even in hard to reach places
  • Stadiums can operate as normal as there’s no need for construction work
  • Reduces significantly or eliminates entirely the installation and cost of conduit and inner duct.
  • The industry’s only renewable, reusable and sustainable fiber optic system.
  • Only two installers are required for installations, upgrades or reconfigurations.
  • Saves 70 to 90% of the time and cost compared with traditional fiber optic structured cabling systems
  • Integrates easily with existing cabling system