Tube Distribution Units

Featuring a scalable and flexible design, Tube Distribution Units are wall-mounted enclosures used at tube cable transitions or branching locations. Tubes are joined together using push-fit connectors. This results in a pathway between the network hub and workstations or other sites and functions supported by the tube cable infrastructure.

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Indoor Distribution

Part NumberDescriptionDimensionsMaterialColorWeight
DE06MDUIndoor Tube Distribution Unit (16 in)16 x 16 x 4 inAluminumBlack5 lb
DE20IDUIndoor Tube Distribution Unit (20 in)20 x 20 x 7 inSteelGray27 lb
DE36IDUIndoor Tube Distribution Unit (36 in)36 x 30 x 7 inSteelGray70 lb
DE20IDUPPerf Panel Kit for DE20IDU17 x 18.5 inSteelGray3 lb
DE36IDUPPerf Panel Kit for DE36IDU32 x 28.5 inSteelGray13.9 lb
DEIDUKEY Keyed cylinder lock kit with 2 keys for DE20/36IDU
FTWM-TANDEM-DOORReplacement door for DE06MDU for tandem mounting of FTWM-8L16 x 16 in

Outdoor Distribution

Part NumberDescriptionDimensionsMaterialColorWeight
DE24XPPUOutdoor Tube Distribution Unit (24 in) NEMA 4X24 x 24 x 8 inAluminumSilver21 lb
DE36XPPUOutdoor Tube Distribution Unit (36 in) NEMA 4X36 x 30 x 8 inAluminumSilver35 lb
DE36XPPUSTOutdoor Stainless Steel Tube Distribution Unit (36 in) NEMA 4X36 x 30 x 8 inStainless SteelSilver60 lb
DE24XPPUPPerf Panel Kit for DE24XPPU21 x 21 inMild SteelGray6.4 lb
DE36XPPUPPerf Panel Kit for DE36XPPU33 x 27 inMild SteelGray14.34 lb

Splice Case & End Plate Adapters

Part NumberDescriptionMaterial
DE02EPASplice Case end plate adapter for 2-tube cablesRubber
DE04EPASplice Case end plate adapter for 4-tube cablesRubber
DE12EPASplice Case end plate adapter for 12-tube cablesRubber
DE24EPASplice Case end plate adapter for 24-tube cablesRubber
DE09SPCSplice Case w/ 3 pc end plate, 9.5 x 28 inStainless Steel
DE12SPCSplice Case w/ 3pc end plate, 12.5 x 38 inStainless Steel
DE09SPC-EPSingle 9.5” 3-section end plate for DE09SPC
DE12SPC-EPSingle 12.5” 3-section end plate for DE12SPC
DE09SBKBonding kit for DE09SPC
DE12SBKBonding kit for DE12SPC
DEFTK01Splice Case Flash Test Kit


  • Top, Bottom or Side Entry for Cables Up to 2 Inches in Diameter
  • The 16 x 16 Inch Modular Unit (DE06MDU) Minimizes Wall Space Usage by Allowing Attachment of a Fiber Termination Unit to Its Door Hinge