LFI Warranty Application

Please complete the following application and click the submit button AFTER all information requested has been completed and data placed in the Documentation Upload location to begin the application process.

Please place the files containing the following information in the Documentation Upload:

Copies of OTDR or Power Meter Light Source Readings.  Attach electronic copies with viewing software and fiber spans identified per As-Built drawings. (Bi-directional measurements of all fibers are required at the highest wavelength.

Copies of As Built Drawings (hard copies or electronic copies in AutoCAD or Visio accepted).

Photographs of all Manholes, Tube Distribution Units and Splice Cases.

Copies of results from Flash Tests for ALL Splice Cases.

Copies of purchase invoices for FutureFLEX® products used in the installation.

Copies of the Obstruction Test Data Sheets

Copies of the Tube Pressure Test Data Sheets

The following links will provide blank Obstruction Test Data Sheets & Tube Pressure Test Data Sheets:

– Copies of the Obstruction Test Data Sheet

 Copies of the Tube Pressure Test Data Sheet

After you have completed all the information please submit the application.

The application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the receipt of the application via email from Application Engineers.  You will be notified of any missing information or deficiencies in the application.  Typical processing time is 4-5 weeks after submittal of all information.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave will send you a signed warranty verification document upon warranty approval.