New Handy Optical Fiber Cleaver FC-8R Released

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of its new optical fiber cleaver FC-8R series. The FC-8R series is fitted with an auto rotating blade and smart cleave counter to guarantee the high-quality construction of optical networks and also features cost effectiveness of maintenance.

Features of FC-8R series

1. Fitted with a smart cleave counter
The FC-8R is fitted with a digital cleave counter that displays the number of cleaves performed. This clear numerical display assists in determining the right time to change the blade.
2. Capable of cleaving a wide range of fiber ribbons
While its predecessor, the FC-7R series, was capable of performing cleaves for up to 8 fiber ribbons, the new FC-8R series can handle up to 12 fiber ribbons.
3. Lighter and even easier to use
The FC-8R series is 25% lighter than its predecessor FC-7R and has become even more user friendly.