Sumitomo Electric Launches the New FC-6+ Series Cleavers, Continuing the Success Story of the FC-6

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Sumitomo Electric is proud to announce the FC-6+ series of bench top cleavers this Winter. In addition to the durability and high quality cleaving that have made the previous models an industry staple, the new series now includes “one action” operation to further improve the user experience.

– Accurate performance
Built and improved over the last 20 years, the FC-6+ series incorporates select materials and refined mechanical design from its preceding industry-standard model. The further improved FC-6+ series will assist accurate performance in any work environment.

– One action cleaving
These simple one-action operation cleavers maximize work efficiency. So, once fibers have been cleaved, the carriage and off-cut collectors automatically return to their starting position. This allows for seamless operation and It is no longer necessary to manually reset the blade and cutoff collector before each cleave.

– Auto-rotating blade*
The patented auto-rotating blade system keeps the sharp blade edge always ready for stable performance without any hassle. The rotating action is a fully mechanical function and does not require any batteries.

– Long life blade
Sumitomo Electric’s genuine resilient metal blade is crafted in Japan from precise core materials and is usable for 60,000*** cleaves.

– New product label
A new holographic security label had been applied for better recognition of genuine products and to eliminate any confusion with counterfeits.

Product line of FC-6+ series is as follows:

  FC-6R+ FC-6S+
One-action cleaving Available Available
Blade rotation Available
Applicable fibers Single Fiber & Ribbon Fiber

Single fiber

* available only with FC-6R+
** US9,395,492, also patented in 11 countries and regions
*** Cleave counts depend on the working environments and maintenance.