Freeform Ribbon™ OSP Slotted Core Ribbon – 1728F


Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Slotted Core fiber optic ribbon cables feature 250um color-coded optical fibers for easy fiber identification and Sumitomo’s exclusive patented pliable ribbons. Pliable ribbons enable high fiber density within a small cable diameter which in turn helps with limited duct space. The twelve fiber ribbons enable connectorization with both MPO and all industry standard connectors. The non-preferential bend axis allows for easy installation in space-constrained areas. The cable includes a dry water-blocking tape that eliminates cable flooding gels, thereby eliminating the cleaning and blocking preparation steps associated with standard gel-filled cables. By eliminating these steps, the use of a totally dry cable speeds overall installation, termination, and splicing.


  • Color-Coded Optical Fibers for Quick and Easy Identification
  • Freeform Ribbon® for High Fiber Density
  • 12-Fiber Grouping for Ease and Compatibility with Multi-Fiber Connectors
  • Sumitomo Electric’s PureAccess G.657.A1 Fiber
  • Easy Cable Entry
  • Gel Free

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