PrecisionFlex™ MPO Interface TAP Module


Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s newest addition to the Data Center Solutions product line, the PrecisionFLEX™ MPO Interface TAP Module, provides features to accomodate advance network designs. Available in SMF or OM4, the MPO Interface TAP Module fits into an SEL or LGX footprint and is applicable for 1G, 10G and emerging standards network links. The TAP Module allows for inline system monitoring and is completely passive. The module achieves low loss by utilizing premium splitter technology. Multiple split options are available to meet the requirements of a custom network design.

• Available in SMF/OM4
• Multiple Split Ratios
• Fits SEL or LGX Footprint
• Passive In-Line Monitoring
• Premium Splitter Utilized to Achieve Low-Loss
• Applicable for 1G and 10G Network Links

• Comprehensive Fiber and Split Ratio Offering
• Increase Connection Capacity when Selecting SEL Footprint Model
• No Power Required
• Achieve Low-Loss Results

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