PrecisionFlex® LGX Cassettes

Product Description

PrecisionFlex® LGX Cassettes are standard LGX sized cassettes for use with Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s PrecisionFlex® LGX Patch Panels, or any LGX compatible panel. Available with up to 3 MPO/MTP input ports, and up to 24 LC Duplex outputs, its powdered coated steel bodied cassettes provide excellent protection for this interconnect. Available in a wide range of configurations, the PrecisionFlex® LGX Cassette provides for a simple and straightforward solution for rack needs.

Features & Benefits
LGX Footprint Compatible Frame
•72 LC per 1RU
•Robust Metal body

Numerous MPOs Configurations
•MPOs can accommodate; 1 by 24, 2 by 12, or 3 by 8
•Multiple Polarity Configuration Options; Method A, B, & C

Port Options
•Handles both LC, SC, FC & ST connectors (Max. 24 LC, 12 SC, 12 FC, & 6 ST)
•Multiple Fiber Types
•Available in MultiMode & Single Mode; OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, & OS2

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