PrecisionFlex® HD MPO/MTP Cassette


Providing a clean and protective enclosure for fiber optic cable is important. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Wall Mount Enclosure provides a wall mountable metal cabinet solution that is easy to install and route for a variety of cable constructions including ribbon, loose-buffer & tight-buffer. Having a fiber capacity of 192 or the ability to hold up to 8 LGX cassettes or adapter modules, the Wall Mount Enclosure is a good solution to house the transition of outside plant cables and indoor distribution cables. In addition its low profile allow for convenient placement in multiple locations.

Features & Benefits

Compact Frame

  • 8 adapter plate panel spaces
  • Options for LGX interconnect adapter plates or cassettes

Cable Entry/Exit Points

  • Nonabrasive Round corners
  • Located on upper & lower right & left sides
  • Knock out access point available for back entry

Splice Tray Mount, Riser & Cable Management Rings

  • Riser allows clearance
  • Pre-installed into enclosure
  • Space for cable slack
  • Removable for Cassettes


  • Padlock eyelets for security
  • Removable dual hinge doors
  • Two doors, left & right
  • Ability to independently lock either side of demarcation

Other Features & Benefits

  • Teardrop Mounting
  • Integrated tie down slots for cables
  • Grounding capable if needed


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