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Sumitomo’s standard PureBand-Plus® zero water peak optical fiber is the industry’s highest quality single-mode fiber (SMF) that meets the full spectrum performance demanded by today’s network applications.

Providing optimal functionality to service providers demanding higher speed rate and greater bandwidth requirements, PureBand-Plus® single-mode fiber allows network designers to transmit more channels on a single fiber, to increase channel spacing capacity to facilitate division multiplexing, or to withhold the additional wavelengths for future applications.

PureBand-Plus® features superior lowered water peak attenuation performance with uninhibited transmission throughout the 1280 to 1625 nm wavelength range.

PureBand-Plus® complies with ITU-T G.652.D specifications and all major industry standards, and is fully compatible with the installed base of existing single-mode fiber.

To request a quote or for more information, please call 800-358-7378 and ask for Customer Service, send us an email through “contact us,” or use our Request a Quote function. We’re ready to assist you.

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