Fusion Splicing Cleaning Supplies


Our commitment to excellence includes items as small, but crucial, as the cleaning formula used when preparing fiber for a given application. Only the best performing formula tested is offered as a Sumitomo consumable cleaning product. That same standard for quality and reliability is used for all Sumitomo products…no matter how  large or small.


  • Best Tested Cleaning Formula (FOC-QE) in the Industry; Fast Evaporating; High Purity; No Flash Point for Cleaning Ferrules, Bulk Heads, or Optical Fiber; Dries Immediately without Residue. Non-Pressurized Special Packaging Makes It Safe for Travel and Shipping. Spray Directly on Surface or Wipes/Swabs
  • Ultra-Reliable Fiber Optic Wipes (FCW-HQ-50):  High Aborbency, Durable, Lint Free Wipes for Wet or Dry Use. These Thicker Wipes Contain Greater Surface Area to Surround all Surfaces for Maximum Absorbance of Contaminants. Contains 50 3” x 3” Wipes
  • Other Ultra-Performance Consumable Items Include:  Lint Free Mini-Cotton Swabs (2,000 Per Box); 2”x2” Gauze Wipes (1 Sleeve); Alcohol Bottle; and V-Groove Brush


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