Freeform Ribbon® Indoor Riser LSHF Central Tube Cables

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Freeform Ribbon® Indoor Riser LSHF Central Tube Cables feature a flame retardant outer jacket and 12 fiber Pliable Ribbons constructed of 250 or 200 μm color-coded optical fibers for easy fiber identification. The all-dielectric cable construction requires no grounding or bonding. Additionally, the Freeform Ribbon® allows for dense fiber packing and a small cable diameter with a non-preferential bend axis thereby increasing density in space-constrained applications. Sumitomo Electric’s Freeform Ribbon® construction is designed to both pack densely in small form factor cables while still being capable to transform quickly, by hand ONLY, to splice-ready form similar to standard ribbon for fast and easy 12 fiber ribbon splicing (for both in-line and fusion splice-on connector splicing applications).

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Min. Bend Radius – During Installation20 x Cable OD
Min. Bend Radius – After Installation10 x Cable OD
Max. Tensile Load During Installation300 lb (1,335 N)
Max. Recommended Service Load100 lb (445 N0
Compression Resistance124 lb/in (220 N/cm)
Operation Temperature Range-40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)
TestingOFNR, CSA FT4, UL 1865-LS Compliant

Physical Characteristics

Fiber Count Nominal Cable OD Nominal WeightFiber Per RibbonCPR Rating
72f0.46 in (11.8 mm)95.5 lb/kft (142.5 kg/km)12fn/a
96f0.46 in (11.8 mm)97.0 lb/kft (145.0 kg/km)12fB2ca
144f0.57 in (14.4 mm)126.0 lb/kft (188.0 kg/km)12fn/a
192f0.57in (14.4 mm)129.0 lb/kft (193.0 kg/km)12fB2ca

Ordering Information

Instructions: Create a part number by using this character set & codes.

SE – [ 1 ] R [ 3 ] P [ 5 5 5 5 ] – [ 6 ]

[ 1 ] – Fiber Type[ 3 ] – CPR Rating[ 4 ] – Fiber Count (4-Digits)[ 5 ] – Fiber Attenuation Grades
8 –  PureAccess G.657.A1 Bend Insensitive Single-Mode FiberN – CRP Rated
Z – Non-CPR Rated
0072 – 72 Fibers
0096 – 96 Fibers
0144 – 144 Fibers
0192 – 192 Fibers
B – Standard Single-Mode 0.40/0.30 dB/km (1310/1550 nm)


  • Dry Central Tube Design for Easy Installation; No Mess When Splicing
  • 12 Fiber Ribbon Groupings for Ease and Compatibility with Multi-Fiber Connectors
  • Sumitomo Electric PureAccess G.657.A1 Fiber
  • Compatible with SEL’s Fusion Splicers, Splice-On Connectors and Hardware
  • Color-Coded Optical Fibers for Quick and Easy Identification
  • Pliable Ribbon Allows for Higher Density in Space-Constrained Applications
  • Complies with Current European Market CPR Class B2ca Requirement