FC-6R Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver


With the introduction of the FC-6R , you now can have the ultimate precision tool for your single and mass/multiple fiber cleaving with a rotating blade.

As part of the FC-6 family of precision fiber cleavers, it is a simple operation for the user to remove or install the single fiber adapter and alternate between mass and single fiber cleaving.

An optional fiber scrap collector can be installed to help maintain loose scraps, resulting from the cleaving process. The scrap collector works to automatically grab and store the scrap fibers as the cleaver’s lid is raised, following a perfectly completed cleave.


  • Used for Single or Mass Fiber Cleaving of Up to 12- Count Optical Fiber
  • Utilizes an Automatic Anvil Drop for Fewer Required Steps and Better Cleave Consistency
  • Prevents Double Scoring of the Fibers
  • Has Superior Blade Height and Rotational Adjustment
  • Automatic Fiber Scrap Collection
  • Can Be Operated With Minimal Steps

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