DriTube® Armorlux® Armored Ribbon Cable


DriTube® ribbon optical cables are intended for duct, direct buried, and lashed aerial installations. These cables feature a dry water block yarn design that eliminates cable flooding gels, thereby eliminating the cleaning and blocking preparation steps associated with standard gel-filled cables.

DriTube® cables are craftsperson friendly, lighter in weight than conventional gel-filled cables, and allow for easier cable handling, easy mid-span entry, and superior fiber access ability.

The steel armored sheath construction produces a rugged, rodent resistant cable and adds compressive strength required for direct buried applications.


  • Industry’s First Gel-free OSP Ribbon Cable with Up to 432 Fibers
  • Armored Construction
  • Central Tube Provides Easy Mid-span Access
  • 12 and 24 Patented Peelable Optical Fiber Ribbons
  • Industry Standard MDPE Sheath
  • Complies with EIA/TIA, Telcordia, RUS, ICEA, and IEC Requirements


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