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refinery2In the industrial and energy space the fiber optic networks cover a variety of important applications including, but not limited to security, systems monitoring, control systems, Distributed Antenna Systems and IT.  Keeping these networks running and current to the rapidly evolving requirements are top priorities.  Moves, Adds and Changes to the networks need to be managed for quick completion, with minimal interruptions to operations and ensuring everything and everyone is SAFE in the process.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s breadth of product families and solutions combine to provide a complete end-to-end passive network that are both a fit for today’s requirements and flexible to quickly respond to the growing and evolving demand.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s FutureFLEX® Air Blown Fiber Solution (ABF) boast many features and benefits that make it the ideal solution for fiber optic network installations and changes in the industrial and energy space.  Some of the key features and benefits include…

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    • Fiber Bundles are installed at speeds up to 150 feet per minute
    • Installing 3,000 feet takes only 2 installers 30 minutes compared to up to 8 hours and 4 installers for conventional cable solutions
  • No Worksite Disruption and Improved Safety
    • Fiber Bundles are installed point-to-point through hazardous areas
    • No need to have crews working overhead, on cable trays, or over operating equipment
    • No need for lifts, ladders or other equipment which can present hazards to crews
  • Tube Cable Pathway Provides Valuable Flexibility
    • Changes to the routes can be made by re-connecting push fit couplers at TDUs
    • Open tubes provide future proofing and flexibility
    • Allows for shared CapEx across multiple groups or investments as individual tubes of the larger tube cable can support specific and varying networks and routed appropriately at common junction points
    • Future requirements can be installed in hours instead of days, weeks or months

Once the pathway is installed and the fibers blown in our connectivity and hardware offerings give network designers and installers the widest range of options as well as flexibility to tackle the varying nuances and complexities of any network build.  These options and flexible solutions include…

  • Lynx2 CustomFit Fusion Splice-On Connectors
    • Largest range of connector and media options in the industry covering single fiber, duplex and even 8ct and 12ct MPO (multiple SMF and MMF options)
    • Aesthetically Appealing, High Quality, Quick and Easy Terminations EVERY TIME!
    • Utilizing Sumitomo Fusion Splicers ensures instant quality results and no reset-up or rework
  • FutureFLEX® Air Blown Fiber Solution and 4th Level Product Families = Wide Range of Hardware Options
    • Wall and Rack Mount Panel Options with ranging features and benefits to accommodate varying network requirements and budgets
      • Such as…Stationary, Simple Slide-Out or Flexible Slide-Out for Front/Rear and Angle Down access
    • Robust offering of cassette modules for LGX to High Density requirements PLUS the highly sought after FOX Splice-Cassette that allows for the utmost flexibility
    • Pre-terminated cable assemblies and hardware options for the fastest of deployment requirements
  • Sumitomo Electric Fusion Splicers and Accessories
    • Large breadth of Fusion Splicer products including 12ct Ribbon, Core and Active Clad Alignment, Fixed V-Groove and Smallest HandHeld fusion splicers
    • The Quantum series splicers and accessories boast first and only value add features such as dual heater ovens to eliminate splicing bottle neck, auto adjusting cleavers that keep technicians going and eliminate requirement for sending equipment in for repair
    • Fastest product support via 24 hour technical support hotline (888-SPLICER) and ONLY one day repair turnaround when needed
    • All splicers are compatible with the Lynx2 CustomFit Fusion Splice-On Connectors

For information on the products and solutions mentioned here visit our products page here.